Protecting Your Rights Throughout Divorce

Divorce is an overwhelming process. Not only are you separating from your spouse, you are also concerned about your children, retirement accounts, and your financial security. Our attorney at The Tisdale Law Firm understands your many concerns and we protect your future security through each phase of divorce.

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Knowledgeable Guidance Through Each Stage Of Divorce

Each state handles divorce differently, and we know how difficult it is for you to know what to expect. We will explain each process, clear up common misconceptions, and provide you with realistic expectations.

Our experienced lawyer offers guidance throughout your divorce, including:

  • Complex property division
  • Child support and determining child custody
  • Visitation time
  • Spousal support (alimony)
  • Division of retirement accounts

We work with a number of divorcing military families. With our attorney as a past member of the United States military, we understand your distinct concerns and the particular laws that pertain to servicemen and women.

What Does It Mean That Texas Is A "Community Property" State?

Texas, along with nine other states, is a community property state. This status indicates that your marital assets and debts will be "equally" divided during divorce. However, property that you acquired before your marriage, as a gift or inheritance during marriage, is not eligible for division. Our attorney can help you clearly distinguish property as marital or separate, and fight for your financial interests.

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